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Where are some surprising places germs are found?

You may already know that the bathroom door handle has loads of germs. Well, here’s a list of some other surprising places where germs may be hiding and ways to prevent spreading them:

  • Germs hiding placesShopping carts – Dozens of people use them daily. Best option is to bring your own reusable bag to tote around your groceries instead of pushing a cart full of germs.
  • Back of airplane seats – Passengers unknowingly touch the back of seats as they walk down the aisle. Try not touching the seats as you walk through. If you must, use an alcohol-based cleanser to clean your hands off immediately.
  • Your work computer – Even if you are the only one who uses it, you still can bring germs that will stick around on the mouse and keyboard. Keep disinfectant wipes around your desk and use them periodically.
  • Kitchen faucet – Kitchen faucets are touched often while preparing meals. If you handle raw meat and use the faucet, the raw meat particles that remain which may have bacteria that cause fever and diarrhea. Wash your hands and disinfect kitchen surfaces before and after food preparation.
  • Cell phones – Mobile devices are carriers of mobile germs. You are most likely to be in contact with your phone a number of times throughout the day, so it’s a good idea to wipe your phone down with appropriate, non-damaging cleaners.
  • Washing machine – In an average load of laundry, 100 million E. coli can be left in your washing machine. Clean it out by running bleach through it before using. Make sure to wash things in 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Clothes should be dried immediately as well to avoid germs growing in damp areas.
  • TV remote control – Changing channels could mean surfing for the flu or a cold. Remember to wipe down the remote before and after usage if possible.
  • Communal condiments – You can’t be sure these get cleaned off at restaurants or how clean the people using them before you were, but remember to use a disinfecting wipe after using them or avoid using the condiments in general. It might be a healthier decision for both your diet and health.
  • Shower curtains – Soap scum can host many types of germs that can cause infections. Cleaning your shower curtain with bleach or disinfectants may be a good option, but sometimes the best option is to start with a fresh, clean, new one.
  • Your Pet – Pets can carry germs like salmonella, which can cause fever and diarrhea. After you pet or play with your animal, be sure to wash your hands.

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