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Are You a Nervous Eater?

Do you sometimes snack on a full stomach?
Emotional eaters Maybe emotions are prompting your eating. Here are some tips for curbing emotion-driven eating:

  • Note your feelings and your situation when you feel like eating outside of meal time. Feeling frustrated? Have you had an argument? Decide what you should do about the situation other than eat. Maybe you just need a break or a different way to channel your nervous energy.
  • Prepare healthy snacks so you have something on hand. Good snacks can cut binge eating. Try graham crackers or low-fat peanut butter on celery.
  • Write down what, when, and where you eat. You may see a pattern that you can fix. It helps to eat only at the table. Do you eat right out of the package? Putting a portion on a plate or in a bowl helps control how much you eat.
  • Treat yourself when you resist temptations! Call a friend, listen to your favorite music, or read something you like!
  • Activities like walking, playing a sport, or even dancing are great ways to deal with stress, control your appetite, and burn calories.
  • Get enough sleep and try deep breathing to relax. Take breaks during the day and take time for your friends and family!

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