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Calendar-Year Deductible

During a calendar year (January – December), amount that an insured (member) is responsible for before the insurance starts paying covered expenses, excluding copays, coinsurance, and noncovered expenses. The process of meeting the deductible, before insurance pays, starts over each January 1.

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What is a calendar year deductible?

Every year you have a set deductible amount (for example, $5,000 as shown here).

In addition, you have that same Deductible to reach with accumulated covered medical expenses each year.

If you do not meet your calendar-year deductible by the end of December, your qualified covered medical expenses to be paid towards that deductible amount is reset January 1st of the following year.

If you meet your calendar-year deductible before the end of the year, then insurance kicks in to help start paying the rest of that year’s covered medical expenses.

Note: These definitions are provided only to give you a general understanding of how these words are sometimes used by health insurance companies. Please refer to your coverage documents for a complete list of defined terms that apply to your specific coverage.