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Be the Boss of Your Smile

Don’t leave your oral health to chance

Self-Employed Dental Insurance

Whether you’re a freelancer or manage your own business, you appreciate the benefits that come with being your own boss. Unfortunately, dental insurance isn’t one of them. Employed adults lose over 164 million hours of work a year related to oral health problems or dental visits.1 You don’t have to be one of them. Your business needs you healthy.

Oral health is a key part of your overall health. Your mouth is like a window into the health of your body, showing signs of infection and deficiencies. Simple steps can be taken to avoid common dental issues, such as tooth decay and gum disease. Be sure to brush your teeth twice a day and floss once a day to keep your pearly whites healthy.

Regular dental exams can help catch a problem in its early stages and ensure that you’re getting the treatment you need. Professional tooth cleaning is also important for preventing problems with your teeth or gums, especially when self-care is difficult. See your dentist or dental hygienist regularly for professional cleanings, usually every six to 12 months.2

Dental Insurance for Self-Employed

Even if you don’t have group dental coverage, quality dental insurance may be within reach. Individual dental insurance is available for people who want to buy dental coverage on their own. No groups required.

We offer two dental insurance plans.

  • Dental PremierSM is for individuals who prefer to keep their out-of-network dentist.
  • Dental ValueSM has the lowest premium of our dental plans and is for those who prefer to access a dentist from the nationwide UnitedHealthcare Dental Network.

If you’re purchasing dental insurance on your own for the first time, the buying process may seem complicated. We can help clear up any confusion and guide you to a plan that meets your needs and fits your budget. Get advice from a licensed Product Advisor and call (800) 944-4699.

Why UnitedHealthcare Dental Coverage?

Being self-employed, you understand the value of a strong professional network. You’ll appreciate the size of the UnitedHealthcare network, which lets you choose from over 182,000 network dentists.3 In fact, if you have a dentist you’re loyal to, it’s likely she’s in our network. To view dentists in your area, search our Find a Dentist portal.

In addition, preventing common oral issues is easier with UnitedHealthOne℠ dental plans. In-network preventive services, such as cleanings, X-rays and more, are 100% covered. Plus, there’s no waiting period. Call (800) 944-4699 for a personalized dental insurance quote and to speak with a licensed Product Advisor.

1 The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, Oral Health in the US: Key Facts, June 2012. 2 Mayo Clinic, Gingivitis Prevention, 2012. 3 As of 2/2012, Dental Provider’s, Inc. Network availability may vary by area. For costs, benefits, exclusions, limitations, eligibility, and renewal terms, call a licensed Product Advisor to discuss your health insurance options at (800) 944-4699.