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Network Advantage

Nationwide Network – Big Savings

UnitedHealthcare offers one of the largest networks in the U.S. With access to nearly 820,000 physicans and other health care professionals, and nearly 6,000 hospital and other medical facilities,¹ chances are your current doctor is already a part of our nationwide network.

Receive quality care at reduced costs because our network providers have agreed to lower fees for covered expenses. Here are some examples of the savings:²

Sample savings with our network:

(Services provided 09/2013-02/2014)

Repriced Charges
Dr. Office Visit –
established patient
$85.92 $40.39 53%
MRI $1,434.00 $649.54 55%
Lipid Panel $78.52 $7.92 90%
CBC $31.84 $4.68 85%
Metabolic Panel $48.00 $6.05 87%
General Panel $160.96 $19.06 88%

Our nationwide network of doctors and hospitals provides you with great value for your health care dollars. We contract with providers offering quality care at a significant discount.

Please note: In some states, our plans only pay benefits for eligible expenses from a network provider. No benefits are payable for nonemergency care from a non-network provider. Emergency treatment from a non-network provider will be treated as a network expense. In other states, benefits are reduced if nonemergency care is received from a non-network provider.

¹ UnitedHealth Group Annual Form 10-K for year ended 12/31/13. ² All these services were received from network providers in ZIP Code 336–. Your actual savings may be more or less than this illustration. Discounts vary by provider, geographic area, and type of service.
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